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Whether you’re dating, preparing for marriage, struggling in your marriage, or just looking to improve your relationship, I’m here to help.

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Awareness + Action + Accountability

I understand what it feels like to be unhappy, tired and not know how to make it better. Through exercises and guided conversations, I’ll help you move toward a place of awareness, action, and accountability to strengthen your relationship.

You’ll not only walk away understanding yourself and each other better, but you’ll walk away with an action plan to overcome relational drama and boost happiness.  

Couples Coaching : Dating

Don't know if this is the relationship for you?

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Get from where you are to where you want to be.

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Couples Coaching : Pre-Marital

Start your marriage off on the right foot

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Start your marriage off on the right foot!

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Couples Coaching : Marital

Feeling Stuck? Frustrated? Need a Tune Up?

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Marriage isn’t easy but there is a solution...

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Connect with me from the comfort of your own home to gain personalized strategies for relational success.


Take the #1 relationship assessment to identify strength and growth areas: explore personality traits, strengthen communications skills, resolve conflicts and reduce stress, establish goals, and more.

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Couples Intensives

Instead of meeting weekly over a period of time, speed a few hours over one weekend focusing on your relationship.

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"She was genuine, held us accountable on our goals, and celebrated our growth."

Nate and Chelsey