About Coach Nicole

 I’m a former divorce court attorney turned relationship coach, who has spent over a decade helping people overcome relational drama and boost happiness in their life. As a lawyer, I quickly realized most couples I saw didn’t need a divorce – they needed counseling.

 But what I’ve discovered is that when relationships get hard, most people ignore the problem, fight about it or get a divorce. That’s where I can help. As a trained counselor, my goal is to offer effective and accessible coaching to get you the relationship and life you desire.

Certified Coach.


How I Can Help You


Connect with me from the comfort of your own home to gain personalized strategies for relational success.


Take the #1 relationship assessment to identify strength and growth areas: explore personality traits, strengthen communications skills, resolve conflicts and reduce stress, establish goals, and more.

Couples Intensives

Instead of meeting weekly over a period of time, speed a few hours over one weekend focusing on your relationship.

What You Can Expect

Awareness + Action + Accountability

Through exercises and guided conversations, I’ll help you move toward a place of awareness, action, and accountability to get your relationship on track. 

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